Effective Tips for Solo Women Vacationers on Thailand Tour


Air tickets to Thailand are highly popular among solo women travellers. Although it is a safe destination, women vacationers must peruse some useful tips to have a hassle free and enjoyable experience in the country.

Thailand lures millions of tourists with its entrancing grandeur and women are no exceptions. Every year thousands of solo women travellers book tickets to Thailand for immersing into its unparalleled splendour that shines at its every inch.

Although,Guest Posting the country is a safe destination, women must heed some essential tips for ensuring a wonderful experience in the country. Here is a succinct guide for the solo women vacationers who book airline tickets to Thailand.

Avoid Walking Alone on the Beach at Night

The caressing winds, shining stars above the blue waters and rejuvenating ambience lure one to amble around the palm-fringed Thai beaches at night. But resist the urge of going alone. Go with some other female friend or male tourist. Though there are rare cases of tourist attacks in Thailand, sole women travelling on air tickets to Thailand must shun this fancy. 

Never Go Topless on Beaches

Thailand is a conservative country and follows certain conventions. Going topless on Thai beaches is against the law and is offensive to Thais. Solo women vacationers must respect the local customs and laws and they should avoid going topless on Thai beaches. It also draws male attentions and may lead to an unwanted situation. Make sure to wear bikinis while on the beach.  

Pay Attention to Your Bags on Trains
Dozens of vacationers take trains for travelling around the country as it is a cheap and safe mode of transportation. Pay attention to your belonging while travelling and lock your bags firmly underneath your seat.

Taking Taxis Alone

Travelling in taxi is safe in Thailand and Thai taxi drivers never pose any kind of problem for solo women travellers. But for ensuring a complete safety, follow a general trick of giving a friend the taxi number.

Drink in Limit

Thailand is brimming with chic yet cheap bars and clubs and is a prominent stop for carousing. It is hard to escape the country’s incredible party scene. But solo women vacationers must refrain from excess drinking in a foreign land as it may result to a regrettable experience. Stay careful and pay attention to your drinks. Enjoy fully but drink in limit.

Apart from following these tips, women solo vacationers must stay updated about the local customs, culture and dressing rules to be heeded in Thailand. If you are booking air tickets to Bangkok, better do a proper research for getting acquainted with a popular shopping destinations, nightclubs, sightseeing attractions and cheap and easy ways of commutation. Also get familiar with safe and sound accommodation options like “home stay” at Buddhist temples that promise a comfortable stay, university dormitories and rest houses run by religious and non-profit organizations.

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