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Whenever I think of tailors in Bangkok I always think of Puss in Boots from Shrek for some reason and I am not entirely sure why.  I think it may be because of Pus’s outfit and how,Guest Posting to have such a cute outfit fit so snugly on a feline such as that there had to be a tailor involved somewhere as part of the overall design and manufacturing process.

Sadly tailors in Bangkok do not cater for cats (it could be a whole new business for them if the Halloween pictures I saw on Icanhascheeseburger is anything to go by) but that does not mean that they cannot make you the perfect outfit for practically any occasion you ever have the benefit of being asked to attend.

With Christmas just around the corner tailors in Bangkok have never been more appealing for your office Christmas or New Year’s party.  Sure, you can rent a suit instead but that is dull and boring.  Using a tailor allows for you to create something that is uniquely you and is something that nobody else has as the idea originally came from you.  Tailors in Bangkok are also great if, like me, you are too tall and so the average jean size is never long enough.  You would not believe how hard it is to find jeans in Thailand or the UK for someone with long(er) but after a visit to a tailor in Bangkok and a quick measure up I had three pairs of nicely fitting trousers I could use for any occasion and also a custom pair of jeans also.

Tailors understand that people come in all shapes and sizes which is why the made to measure service they offer really does hit the nail on the head in terms of the quality of service and friendliness provided.  Many tailors are also prime to offer discounts or reductions if you are a repeat customer.  Some tailors in Bangkok even allow you to watch part of the magic that is the creation of making clothes and you never really understand that talent or technique involved until you see a master craftsmen at work.

Watching trousers be stitched or sleeves being added really makes you realise the incredible amount of effort and care and attention that is involved and which happens for every bespoke item that the tailors in Bangkok create.  It really is an eye opener and makes your own custom outfit, once finished, that extra bit special as you saw its creation meaning that it really is a limited edition and is something nobody else ever has.  If you ever wondered why bespoke cars and modifications to them cost so much then a visit to a tailor at work in Bangkok will surely open your eyes and help you appreciate the quality of all that they do.

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