Dowsing in feng shui


Dowsing is a feng shui technique used in order to complement the harmonization of the relationship between an environment and those who inhabit in it. Although dowsing is not part of traditional feng shui, it is often recognized by feng shui practitioners as an addition to the search for balance within spaces.

The procedure of dowsing consists on detecting energy flows within spaces by using specific methods which are additional to the ones used by traditional feng shui. Feng shui follows indications given by Compasses measures as well as suggestions given by bagua map and personal numbers.

The techniques used by practitioners who apply dowsing are based on his body and mind as well as on specific tools. It takes them an important amount of knowledge and expertise to be able to apply the techniques needed for dowsing and achieve satisfactory results. Feng shui and dowsing mix by following some specific steps and applying certain techniques. First of all,Dowsing in feng shui Articles together they can easily recognize and spot bad flows of energy within any environment. These energy flows can be exteriorized by the appearance of geological faults or underground water.

Also, disturbances created by power lines or cell phone towers can be recognized and treated by the combination of feng shui and dowsing methodologies and techniques. Besides, these methodologies also allow spotting any metaphysical disturbances which might be causing problems to the building and its inhabitants.

Dowsers count with the proper tools and techniques to fix the energy problems which the above mentioned disturbances might be causing to the environment in which they were found. This way, they can clear bad energy and make sure all the energy left in a building is positive and won’t cause any problems to the people who live in it.

Once the energy of the building is cleaned, the energy of those who inhabit it must be cleaned too since they might have absorbed some of it. In order to achieve this, dowsers will clean each one of the twelve energy layers which each one of us has according to these methodologies. Through the application of this personal energy clearing, we would become free of any bad energy which could be causing any problems or obstacles to our lives.

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