Door Installation To Improve Feng Shui


A home can improve its Feng Shui with new door installation. Here are some things to think about.

Front door installation is important in Feng Shui decorating philosophies. Rather than just appearance,Door Installation To Improve Feng Shui Articles┬áthe philosophical belief behind Feng Shui has to do with life energy or “Chi.” These designers believe that Chi goes in and out of the house through both doors and all windows. Although most houses have both a front and back doorway, the front one is the most crucial when getting a door intsallation.

Position of main and back doors should be staggered: In order to not allow energy to rush through the house, these two doorways should be slightly misaligned or staggered. One should be off to the left while the other off to the right or vice versa. A straight shot from the street to the backyard or alley will not create a harmonious flow of Chi.

Don’t enter through multiple doorways: If a home has two public entrances, residents should decide to use only one and block off the other. Having more than one entrance confuses the energetic flow and will reportedly cause disharmony among inhabitants.

Solid is better: Solid wood, steel or aluminum is preferable to panes of glass. If a home’s doorway has a lot of open glass, a shade, curtain or tinting will offset it.

Size should be proportionate to house: A doorway should be of a proper size and scale or it will throw off the look and energy of the abode. Too large of an opening is said to promote lost opportunities and look pretentious. Too small of an entrance will stifle energetic flow.

Clear the pathway: The area around the entrance should be tidy and uncluttered. The porch should be swept and attractive, too. The sidewalk or path leading to the doorway should be kept clear. Having overgrown bushes, yard equipment, bicycles and junk will be a deterrent to good vibes entering your dwelling. Leaving shoes in the entrance will allow stagnant energy inside the home.

Make sure it’s functional: A door should be installed properly and swing open and closed without sticking, squeaking or excessive tugging one way or the other. Locks and hinges should be functional, too.

Well lit: Having porch lights installed near the front doorway will be another way of allowing light into the residence. It also will help visitors read your house’s number and allow you to unlock it on a dark night.

Doorbells and doorknockers: A metal doorknocker will not only allow visitors to be heard when they arrive, it is also supposed to promote inhabitants “getting a grip” in their life. Doorbells that don’t ring send a bad message while those that chime are almost spiritual in their announcement of guests.

Colors: Many think that red is the best color in terms of Feng Shui. It is the color of fame and fortune but is best when used on a south facing door. If doors face other directions, alternate colors may be preferable such as magenta, green, terra cotta or silver.

High quality door installation will not only make an abode look better, it will improve the flow of energy and Chi. Feng Shui principles have been followed for eons and they’re still a respectable practice today.

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