Does Working At Home have Benefits Or Negatives?


With the increasing number of employees who are looking for work opportunities that would enable them to maintain the best work-life balance and the companies that support such flexible trend; working at home has became a possible option.

Employees find this an ideal opportunity because they can stay with the workforce and maintain their privileges as company employees while enjoying the advantages of being at home among their families.

On the other hand,Does Working At Home have Benefits Or Negatives? Articles some home workers may trap themselves unknowingly by taking this decision. This article will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of working at home.

The Advantages:

A.Saving Hidden Expenses

Working at home saves many hidden expenses that come in the main list of people who work outside home. These expenses include commuting expenses, vehicle petrol and maintenance expenses in addition to traffic fines and paid parking.

Other indirect expenses are things like formal suits and expensive uniforms as well as dry their cleaning. For this reason, working at home cut down these hidden expenses and help in saving most of the income earned.


Being Flexible is not confined to timing and appointments, as being able to choose on the number of working hours daily is the main advantage home workers can ever have. Also, being able to pick your working atmosphere with all its elements including the lighting, temperature and things like the exact place and timing etc.

In other words, the freedom of choosing the place and circumstances that satisfy you makes you more happy and productive.

C.Being With Family

Many of us agree that being among family while working at home is a more convenient option. This a very important element for working parents as it enables them to be near their children when needed. This case also applies to elderly who require special care.

D.Better Work-Life Balance

The main concern of many people nowadays is to achieve work-life balance. By choosing to work from home this is quite achievable. Especially if the employee had a prior arrangement with the employer to spend few hours in the office when it is required while being able to stay at home when needed.

This cooperation will definitely help in achieving that balance between these two main aspects of life.

The Disadvantages:


Home workers generally complain from isolation and loneliness as a result of not being between their managers an colleagues and this could be very disappointing for some people.

To overcome this problem, home workers will need to maintain a good communication and stay in touch with their co-workers as they are away from the actual work environment that could have helped them to socialize and expand their acquaintances circular.

B.New Sources Of Distraction

In spite of trying to prevent the distraction factor in the company by working at home, new ways of distracting may appear at the home itself. Children, home duties and neighbors may be considered some of the main sources of distraction at home. Other family members can cause noise as well.

In order to solve this problem, home workers need to be firm and inform everyone seriously that they do their work from home and not ready to entertain any external distraction during actual working hours.

C.Challenges In Distinguishing Work And Home Duties At some stage, it becomes very challenging for home workers not to be involved in home duties while being at home. You can not help it especially when you are alone at home not to participate in every day home duties. These duties include cleaning the home, go shopping and taking care of the children.

Moreover, you might sometimes have to cook, maintain home budget and even welcome unexpected guests. It is very important that you divide your time evenly between your work assignments and home duties to stop its bad effects on you in the long term.

D.Self Discipline

Working at home is not feasible for everyone because it requires a lot of integrity and dedication along with self discipline. It also requires continues self motivation for being able to work at home alone and persist distractions as well as keep the spirit of achievement alive in all circumstances.

In this case, arranging for the home workers to be present in their companies once or twice a week guarantees that they will stay in touch with their managers and colleagues at work. At the same time they would be updated regarding the latest developments in the company while continuing to work from their home.

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