Difference between Heated and Non Heated Carpet Shampooers


Carpet cleaning units can be extremely effective for a range of different carpets. This article tells you that how to opt a carpet shampooer for a range of different carpets.

Choosing a carpet shampooer requires more than just checking the efficiency of the machine. It’s also important to consider whether you need a heated or a non-heated unit for cleaning. Carpet cleaning units can be extremely effective for a range of different carpets,Difference between Heated and Non Heated Carpet Shampooers Articles especially if they use low-water flow technology for cleaning. These units will rely more on extraction powers and less on water power for cleaning.

Rather than soaking the carpet during the cleaning process, these units will work to loosen and extract dirt and debris, even if these are ground deep into the carpet material. While this cleaning process is very efficient, it’s also important to consider whether a heated or non-heated unit will suit your cleaning needs best.

Sensitive Carpets
Using the wrong kind of carpet shampooer can actually damage your carpeting, especially if it is made of sensitive material. A number of people have ended up scorching or melting sections of their rugs, simply because they used the wrong kind of carpet cleaner. In these cases, the damage can end up looking more unsightly than the dirt!

A number of carpet fibers can be very sensitive to high heat. For example, natural fibers like wool can shrink under high temperatures. Even synthetic fibers can get damaged if they are exposed to hot water. Some artificial fibers may melt or get singed with heated cleaning. Some stains may also react differently under heated water. Dyes may continue to bleed and become spread over larger areas.

The best kind of carpet shampooer to use on sensitive carpets is a cold water unit. This carpet cleaner will be able to remove a range of different sediments and debris that may have settled deep into the carpet. For extra cleaning power, these units can be used with eco-friendly green cleaning agents. These green chemicals will work at dissolving away stubborn stains and hardened deposits. Best of all, this kind of cleaning is done in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or the carpet during the cleaning process.

Deep-Down Cleaning
A heated carpet shampooer or carpet extractor can be safely used on other kinds of carpets. These carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning machines can effectively dissolve away different kinds of stains and sticky deposits, using the power of heated water. These commercial carpet cleaners should be used after spraying the carpet with an eco-friendly carpet cleaning agent. After allowing it to sit for about ten minutes, heated carpet cleaners can be used to clean the carpet.

These heated carpet cleaning machines and commercial carpet cleaners will work to soften and melt tough and hardened stains. This carpet extractor will then use strong suction and extraction powers to remove the residue completely from the carpet. Since very little water is used during cleaning, these carpets are not left soaking wet after cleaning. Depending on the carpet shampooer model used, the carpets can even dry out in just a few hours. It’s clear that heated and non-heated machines have their own unique advantages. While heated units work well on some carpets, others are best cleaned with non-heated models.

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