Condos Are a Cheaper Option


While many people may have big plans for their summer vacation,Condos Are a Cheaper Option Articles the only thing stopping them is money. This is especially true in popular destinations, where the average one night hotel stay is at least $75 per night. While this may seem low-cost, a family of four can quickly become weary of sharing a small hotel room that only offers minimum accommodations. Fortunately, condos for rent is a great alternative to staying in a hotel.

Securing a condo rental has many advantages that can quickly outweigh a hotel stay; and cost is one of the biggest factors. While it is possible to find an affordable hotel room that can accommodate a small family, sometimes a simple hotel room just doesn’t cut it. A summer vacation is meant for relaxation and leisure, but this isn’t possible if your family wants to take an extended vacation. Although a hotel room might be fine for a few days, it can quickly become uncomfortable because the hotel room is only meant to accommodate guests for a short period of time. Renting condos is much more ideal because they tend to have the same nightly rate, but with more space. Since a condominium is meant as a residential living space, a small group can expect to pay the same price for up to three times the space. Unfortunately, some vacationers do not consider a condo rental because they typically require a minimum one week stay. However, the weekly rate to rent the condominium space is often times much cheaper, compared to the nightly rates that many hotels charge. Therefore, the minimum weekly rate to stay in one of these rentals is to your advantage, especially if you had planned an extended vacation that you otherwise could not afford if you had stayed in a hotel.

Renting condos offers many of the same amenities that are available at a hotel resort. In fact, many condominiums offer better amenities because they are intended as residential communities. The residents and owners pay monthly fees to have amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness rooms. Furthermore, there are some amenities, such as a fully furnished kitchen and a washer and dryer that simply are not available in a typical hotel room. This creates a better value that many families can appreciate much more.

If you’re looking to save a little money on an extended summer vacation, it pays to do a little research into getting the best housing accommodations for your family.

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