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This article is about renting condos and taking apart negative myths that come with it. It explains the advantages of renting condos. Read on for more information.

Renting condos as vacation homes is something that many people feel ambivalent about. The reason behind this doubt or hesitation can be the idea that there are so many different things to consider in doing so. These so called things are myths that some people quote other people as saying and may have been exaggerated just to prove a point that is not based on actual fact.

Difficulty and Cost of Procuring One

One thing that many people believe to be true in renting condos for the duration of a vacation is the difficulty of getting one. Many people are not used to the idea of actually living in a home during a vacation which is why it is hard to wrap their minds around doing it. The reality of it is that many condominium owners list their units as available for transients or vacationers in travel agencies and their own building. The rental cost of the unit is usually more reasonable than a hotel room especially when the party is a large group. Hotels usually limit the number of guests in a room while condominiums allow for more than three guests,Common Myths About Condos Articles sometimes up to eight or ten, depending on the size of the unit.

Maintenance and Clean Up

Another issue that is a myth is the lack of maintenance that condos are rumored to have. The reality of it is that many of these units have cleaners who comet the end of the vacationers’ stay or twice or three times a week for those who will be staying for more than a week. These cleaners are usually contracted by the owner of the unit to maintain it and to cater to some of the requests that the renters may have in connection to the cleanliness and maintenance of the place. Of course, basic cleaning up should be done by those renting the condominium since it is difficult to stay in a pigsty. Those who do not like to do their own cleaning may request the cleaners to come daily or ask the travel agency to get in contact with a unit that comes with daily help. The fact that some units do not have daily help to come and do the dishes or clean up afterwards is something that can be addressed before the rental of the unit. Renters should be specific with the details before renting.


The safety of the place is actually dependent on the location of the building. Condos that are located in safe neighborhoods are more desirable than those in less safe areas. The travel agency through which the vacationer will be booking should be able to recommend units in safe places. Before even going to the agency, those interested should also do some research regarding what areas are considered safe or risky in the area where they want to vacation in. It will not do to just fly by the seat of one’s pants and leave things to fate. Knowing the city or the area will do a lot of good and keep one safe.

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