Colour Secrets of Home Design


It’s about how to make excellent home decoration with proper colour design.

What kind of home decoration do you want,Colour Secrets of Home Design Articles romantic, cozy or thrilling style? Different color matching can make it. Here are some popular color collection for indoor design.

Pink colour

It belongs to active and joyful type of colour which is helpful in keeping good mood. It also soothes eye fatigue and mental discomforts. Pink is suitable to baby room decoration. For little kids, it means not only something “lovely” and “cute”, but also brings “love” to them. Babies can feel the existence of love and safety from pink-colored rooms when they can not speak. Besides, pink can evoke hidden affection among people. In other words, it can be called as “colour” of romance.

In pink rooms, people feel relaxed and would be eager to have love interactions with family members, so it matches bedrooms as well.

Warm colour

Neutral and warm color designs help you create cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You can feel a sense of security and find it easy to have communications with families. For those who like to isolate from families, warm color can reduce their resistance to other families and make them get close to others. 

Make sure to keep the color collocation proper in saturation, neither too rich nor too poor. Avoid massive warm color decoration. Too much gray colour in a room feels negative, not good for strengthening family bonds.

Thrilling colour

It can stimulate vision nerves and make people vigorous. Such kind of color tends to affect people in masculine, open and positive ways in the perspective of psychology. If a man gets contact with it from childhood, he will tend to become healthy, open-minded and responsible. Actually, pink  is more proper to girls than boys. Thrilling color only suits the girls who are too weak and dependent.

Besides, such colour can bring people good appetite. You will have a comfortable thrilling color dining room with refreshing colour.
Natural colour

Safe natural colour refers to those from the nature, such as light ochre and rice white, etc. People can get a sense of security from natural objects while the colour from irritant and dangerous objects makes people uneasy. In recent years, many people are under great mental pressure. Wall or floor decoration with natural colour makes people relaxed and easy.

All in all, each colour can tell a story. If you can tell all secrets of different colour, you will make excellent home decoration with proper design.

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