Clutter Loves to Hide – 7 Places to Look for it


In Feng Shui,Clutter Loves to Hide - 7 Places to Look for it Articles the first thing to do is remove the clutter.
Until clutter is removed, any Feng Shui enhancements you
apply will not be effective. And, if all you ever do is
get rid of your clutter, you will be boosting your
prosperity, improving your health and relationships, and
upgrading all areas of your life.

Clutter is anything unfinished, unresolved, unused,
tolerated or disorganized. Clutter is emotional
constipation, keeping you stuck in the past and blocking
the flow of energy in your life. With blocked energy all
aspects of your life are affected.

Clutter loves to hide and here are some places to look for

1. Time Clutter – do you have too many things on your
to-do list? Do you keep trying to fit just one more thing
in? Do you feel under pressure? I have come to accept
that I cannot possibly do everything in one day, or even
in one week. This takes the pressure off! Are you saying
yes to what you want to be saying yes to?

2. Procrastination – do you put off taking action on some
things you want to do, registering for a class, or making a
phone call for example, so your head gets cluttered up
trying to remember to do it? Some things are worth taking
action on immediately. Some things are worth scheduling
so they are not done at the last minute and under pressure,
or even worse, are missed.

3. How is your Email Inbox? Do you regularly get it down
to 5 or less emails? Clutter in your Inbox will deplete
your energy, and you will waste time looking for
information. Set up folders to sort your mail, and use the
delete button liberally!

4. Your head! Do you have a whole lot of thoughts running
around in your head when you get up in the morning? Julia
Cameron in the Artists Way suggests writing Morning Pages.
There are 3 pages of free flow writing. Just let whatever
wants to come up, come up. Its amazing what does come to
the fore and I have found this a useful tool to start my
day with a clear head.

5. Things from the past. Do you have the wedding dress from
your first marriage? Do you have books on subjects you are
no longer interested in, or are they out of date? Do you
have vitamins in your cupboard more than 6 months old they
will have lost their potency. Have you moved from a house
into a Condo and still have gardening tools you can no
longer use? Do you have your grandparents clock that no
longer works, and you don’t even like it? Have you been
given gifts that aren’t you?

Clear this clutter and notice how your energy changes.

6. Do you have things in a storage unit? Do these pass
the Ultimate Clutter Test? Do you love them, do you use
them, and do they raise your energy? If not, how much is
it costing you to store these things. If they disappeared
would you miss them? Do you even remember what is in
those boxes? How about your garage? Is it so full that
your car/s need to sit outside? How much are your cars
depreciating by being out in the elements and are the
things in the garage worth that much?

7. Here’s a tough one! Are there people in your life who
drain your energy? What is it costing you? What do you
have invested in staying in contact with them? Maybe they
are close family members. Who do you need to be to take
care of yourself around them?

Be ruthless when it comes to decluttering. For the energy
to flow easily in your life, and your home, you need to be
diligent when it comes to clutter. And there is no hiding
from clutter by moving it to the basement, the shed at the
bottom of the garden, or even a storage unit. It is in your
environment and will still be affecting you.

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