Buying a Home in Canada: 4 Provinces


Of course during the World Crisis not everyone can afford to buy a home,Buying a Home in Canada: 4 Provinces Articles but still this article will be focused on laws related to buying a home in 4 provinces of Canada. Naturally due to many factors the laws related to real estate in different provinces are different. So if you have experience in buying homes in Ontario you will most probably need to get additional consultation if you buy a home in Quebec.


Ontario is considered to be one of the best places for buying a home. The province is helping the buyers in providing things like: protection plan for new home buyer, mortgage insurance programs and no additional tax policy for the non-residents. Ontario also has one of the most advanced land registration systems in the world.

In Ontario a person who buys a house must pay attention to following things. Land Transfer Tax – a percentage of the purchase price for the home that is paid by the buyer on registration of the transfer. “Buyers Beware” is also still the law in Ontario, so be sure to check the house very carefully before you buy it and all the agreements respecting land must be in writing. If you consider buying a house in Ontario, you will need to get few specialists like: Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Home Inspector, real estate Lawyer.

British Columbia

If compared to Quebec buying a home in British Columbia is most direct between interested parties. The main difference in British Columbia a real estate lawyer is usually hired when the contract is signed just to check if the papers are okay. Lots of lawyers recommend avoiding this tradition and hiring an expert to check the contract before it is signed.


Buying a home in Alberta is complicated.  At first you need to submit a purchase contract that will be reviewed by a real estate lawyer. The contract has two important things – terms and conditions. Conditions must be satisfied before a contract comes into effect and terms must be satisfied after it has come into effect. Also when you rule out the financing issues remember that one of the conditions, financial approval consists of two parts: the approval of you as a credit risk and the approval of the Alberta property as valid and sufficient security for the loan.

When you are buying a house in Alberta you will be recommended to find a real estate lawyer to close your house purchase. Alberta real estate Lawyers are very important in every house transaction.


In Quebec it is usual that first step they should consider taking is to consult a legal professional (a real estate lawyer or notary). This professional will worry about all the possible aspects of the case from reviewing the documents to negotiations with a real estate agent. So mostly your only important decision will be hiring a professional real estate lawyer or notary, and then just work hand in hand with him or her to buy the property you need.

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