Brighten Your Bedroom with New Lamps by Capitol Lighting


Brighten your bedroom desk lamp styles,Brighten Your Bedroom with New Lamps by Capitol Lighting Articles finishes and shade options to choose to provide a quick and simple update

With the economy and real estate markets going haywire, many homeowners today are hunkering down and enjoying their homes more with high end décor and more refined furniture and lighting, planning on a longer stay in their current home.

Fall back in love with your home one room at a time. Start just by adding decorative lamps in your bedrooms. With this in mind, Capitol Lighting and offer a few suggestions to brighten your bedrooms with new desk lamps and other bedroom lighting options to choose from. There’s no need to remodel (unless that’s the plan), when you can simply add and improve your bedroom lighting and brighten your bedroom up a tad with a few desk lamps or table lamps.

If you have a large bedroom with a reading nook, adding a Fine Art Lamps such as floor lamps or torchiere lamps near the area where you prefer to read your favorite book gives new light to the area. Or, add a new shade to your table lamps and desk lamps to make the whole room feel new.

Even if your bedrooms are on the smaller side, pairing tall, desk lamps on side tables flanking a bed can add just the right element of drama and sophistication to brighten your bedroom by drawing the eye up. Smaller bedrooms require more creativity when you need to brighten the space. A smaller bedroom doesn’t mean you should use small light fixtures. By using larger desk lamps or nightstand lighting, you can add a dramatic effect with scale visually, all while providing more than adequate light sources to read, relax and enjoy your bedroom.

When using new lamps, desk lamps and other bedroom lighting options, remember portability is key. All lamps are portable and can be placed in different locations to help brighten spaces that need more light or need to be better lit for specific tasks like reading. If your bedroom has no ceiling light fixtures, the use of portable bedroom lighting and desk lamps pointed towards the ceiling, walls or a poorly lit corner of a bedroom can reflect light and provide a soft glow to minimize shadows and can help you fall back in love with your home for many more years of enjoyment while making your bedroom a true sanctuar.

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