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From time immemorial men, women, boys and girls have wanted to be, envied and looked adoringly at beautiful people

Our quest for beauty has very specific ideals in common,Guest Posting¬†from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty to Michelangelo’s David; you will notice a balance of proportion and symmetry of left and right, both ideals that seem to help radiate health and beauty. Unfortunately for us mere mortals are not all as well endowed as Aphrodite or David. Due to our genes or sometimes due to accidents or illness we are often less like the ideal we wish to be. This article is going to take a peek into a new world offering ideals, the world of “medical tourism”, in particular we will look into breast augmentation in Thailand, also known as augmentation mammoplasty including Breast lift, breast reduction and Areola reduction and our particular world is located in the heartland of Asian medical tourism, Bangkok, Thailand. The land of smiles.

Now Breast Augmentation isn’t a new fad by any means, in fact it’s been around for more than 100 years, back to the 1890’s when briefly, paraffin injections were all the rage. During the 1920’s fat transplants took over and in the 1960’s silicone came on board. In Thailand the popularity was first treatments resulting from injuries and illness but the last several decades has seen a new patient phenomenon, young people lots of them female, a few males and not to be forgotten, hordes of transgender patients all looking for that aesthetic ideal that will make them more attractive to others and to themselves. Because surgeons had an almost unlimited supply of patients, after all Thailand is a country of more than 70 million souls, the Doctors and Surgeons got rather good at what they did. Today, Bangkok has many world-class internationally accredited medical establishments specializing in cosmetic surgery or, “plastic surgery”.

The Doctors are internationally highly trained. What has greatly helped make Bangkok the Asian hub for medical tourism is the government support that the private health industry has received. Medical Tourism adds valuable foreign currency to the national treasury and so deserves such support. This support ensures its global reputation for medical tourism that is the envy of many other Asian nations and a leading role that both government and private industry intends to keep. Be it due to accidents or illness or looking to create that elusive ideal, both men and women come to Bangkok for breast augmentation. They often receive better treatment than at home, more choices, better trained surgeons and cutting edge equipment and medical facilities all at costs significantly lower than in the West. An example of a leading Bangkok establishment is the Naravee Aesthetic Center, considered Thailand’s premier cosmetic clinic, conveniently placed halfway between the international airport and the city center and close by the major highways leading to the countries bountiful beaches and resorts, Naravee Aesthetic Center was founded by Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D. who trained in the United States, Europe, Japan and Singapore. He has more degrees, certifications and publications than you can poke a stick at.

Eminently qualified, Dr. Ronachai and his highly professional staff of English speaking Doctors, Nurses and Administrators will ensure your stay gives you the results that you want. You will be surrounded by the very latest in medical equipment inside a modern and attractive medical facility with all the courtesies and care that seems to be naturally imbued into the Thai personality. More than this however, two things will put icing on your medical cake. Your medical bill will be a fraction of comparable Western care and you are already in one of the world’s most exotic locations with the airfare already paid, so why not take some time out to recuperate or take a nice long holiday. You just know you will have made the right decision to have undergone your breast augmentation procedure in Bangkok, “in the land of smiles”.

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