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Thailand, the world’s 51st largest country is famous for its islands, beaches, martial arts and various eats. Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Phi Phi are among the few popular attractions of this wonderful country. It is also known as the Land of Smiles as the Thai’s have different virtual smiles for every type of situation.

Thailand is a country in the Southeast Asia,Guest Posting which is famous for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples. The major attraction of Thailand are its islands that are the top choice of tourists from all over the world. The delicious Thai cuisine and the Buddhism culture make it an amazing destination which is rich in cultural heritage. No matter which part of the year you are planning to visit Thailand, the amazing weather will welcome you to enjoy the beauty and charm of this alluring land. It is home to a large number of visitors from all over the world as it has a huge variety of sightseeing spots. While you are planning a vacation with family or friends, take a look at the popular spots to explore in Thailand and visit them on your next holiday. Check out the list:

  1. The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw: One of the most popular attractions of Thailand, The Grand Palace is a grand old dame which will leave you awestruck with its beautiful architecture. The palace exhibits an amazing view of creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai artists. Within the palace, lies the Wat Prakeaw which is a Buddhist temple with the historical traits of the Emerald Buddha. Your trip is incomplete without visiting this wonderful place, so add it to your bucket list and explore it while you are in Thailand.
  2. Phang Nga Bay: Located between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay Peninsula, Phnag Nga Bay is a 400 m long bay that happens to be one of the most unique sights of the world. It is protected by the Ao Phang Nga National Park and comprises of 42 islands with shallow marine waters and intertidal forested wetlands. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery, take a cruise ride, get wet on the beaches and make the best of your vacation while being here.
  3. Similan Islands: The Similan islands are a group of islands in the Andaman Sea which is popular for its tropical fishes, coral reefs and exceptional underwater visibility. Yacht and boat tours are the major attraction of his place and it is also among the best underwater diving spots in the world. It is an incredible place to be at. Spend a vacation with family or friends and make the best of your trip to Thailand while being here.
  4. Floating Markets: This is yet another famous spot among the tourists who visit Thailand. The floating markets of Bangkok are run by the local people that sell fruits, vegetables, juices and other stuff while sailing on the boats. The view of the market will leave you stunned as all the goods are sold from the boats itself. To enjoy the atmosphere without haggling over prices, try relaxing on a guided boat tour of the Damnoen Saduak market. Explore it while riding a boat and buying various things.
  5. Phi Phi Islands: The Phi Phi islands are one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia. The turquoise water and the picture postcard beaches are a treat to the eyes of the visitors. It has a plenty of bars and pubs at the shore, which make it a prominent sightseeing spot among the tourists. Take ferry boat rides from Phuket, watch the astonishing views of sunset and sunrise and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. You’ll love to spend your vacation here.

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