Beachfront Real Estate – New Trends Make Living A Luxurious Lifestyle A Little More Affordable


As a result of extensive hurricane damage sustained over the past few years and an increase in demand for luxurious/healthy seaside living, a new trend in beachfront real estate is evolving. If you’ve always wanted to live on the beach, now may be the opportune time to make your move. Shared communities are making luxury living more affordable than owning a private residence away from the beach.

It’s no secret that beachfront real estate has become one of the most desired types of property to own and some of the most expensive to acquire. Along the entire East coast down to the Gulf of Mexico there has been a trend of missing marina facilities and seaside homes now replaced with luxury beach villas,Beachfront Real Estate - New Trends Make Living A Luxurious Lifestyle A Little More Affordable Articles┬ácondominiums, and a wide selection and variety of vacation homes.

The good news for cruisers or those wanting to live in a boating community is that many of the new developments are utilizing the previous marina facilities and providing residents with private boat slips and marina services. And many are still preserving services for transient boaters and yacht club members.

The good news for those wanting to live a luxurious lifestyle on oceanfront property is that marina services and boat slips are just the beginning of what these beachfront real estate developments are offering their residents.

On-site gulf, day spa, pristine pools, on-site dining, personal chef, valet, door attendant… The move is toward luxury when it comes to oceanfront property. The focus is on the individual lifestyles of the clientele and catering to the needs of those individuals. As you can imagine the amenities are as exclusive as type of homes available.

Changing What We Envision When Thinking Surfside Beach Condo

Condominiums are probably the most affordable homes found in these newly growing seaside communities. And the yearning for a surfside beach condo by many corporate executives is high.

Generally when you think surfside beach condo, you probably aren’t envisioning an exclusive luxurious retreat but if you take a close look at some of the new community developments in Florida you may start thinking differently about what it would be like to live in your own condo by the sea.

Condominium developers are focusing more on providing luxurious homes and straying away from the temporary rentals, time-shares, and subletting of homes.

People want to know their neighbors and enjoy their homes. Having a new set of tourists next door every weekend can really take away from the quality of living in your home and can quickly depreciate the value of the condo community as a whole.

As with all other forms of community living what makes the condominium generally the most affordable is that there are usually a greater number of households in the community. The amenities and general expenses are shared. So as a rule of thumb…the more people in the community the lower your cost will be.

Some Of The Most Luxurious and Affordable Homes…Just South of The Border

Mexico has seen a lot of growth in the development of luxury beach villas, exquisite surfside residences and vacation homes alike. There are some very affordable luxurious oceanfront property options to explore, just south of the border.

Many great locations are just minutes away from the southern California and for some city dwellers, less travel time then they usually spend during their daily commute. This and the many other benefits to be had living south of the border, make Mexico a residence well worth checking into.

Mexico is known for its exquisite sunsets and some of the most beautiful private beaches known. Many of the communities developed just south of the border are remaining small in size and so providing people with greater privacy and enjoyment of their luxury homes.

The climate in the area ranges from Mediterranean to dry and Desert Like. Each climate offering its own health benefits and a great range in opportunities of landscape surroundings.

Whether you are looking to purchase a home, looking for beachfront real estate investments, or checking out vacation homes for your next holiday, Mexico has a lot to offer.

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