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Looking for a green home does not mean you want a house that is coated with green paint. When you speak of green today, it means that you are pertaining to being environmentally friendly, caring about nature in the long term basis by working on lessening the carbon footprint we make. The next time you are thinking of purchasing a home, consider getting a green home. You do not just help the environment; you can also save a lot of energy because of it.

If you would like to own a green home, you should also be informed on what factors to look out for. You will not have any problem in this area for the real estate industry is also going with the trend so a lot of builders are going green and brokers and real estate agents are well informed on the subject matter.

Let us start with the exterior of the house. You will know that it is eco-friendly if the paint used is low in toxicity. It should also have a “green” style of siding by using fiber cement instead of vinyl. Fiber cement expends less energy and it is less toxic as well.

When it comes to insulation, the house you want to buy should have a good R factor. The R factor calculates how fast the heat is conducted across a surface. Without proper insulation, the house will remain hot in the summer and cold in the winter. This means you have to use air-condition more often in the summer and a heater more often in the winter, which translates to more energy consumption. A house with high R factor not only keeps the electric bill to a minimum but also protects you from the harsh elements of the changing weather.

For natural ventilation and to keep away harmful UV rays from entering your house, you might want a house with double hung and insulated windows. Large windows work best for green homes because more natural lighting will be available in the day time, no need to turn on the lights saving you more energy in the process.

It is better to have hard-surface flooring than wall to wall carpet. Hardwoods are easier to clean and maintain and it does not absorb much moisture. If you still want a carpet for your house, buy the ones without artificial dyes and install it by using non-toxic glues.

For your plumbing, make sure you use low-flow plumbing fixtures as these requires less energy to use and it also prevents waste. A home with tankless water system would be preferable since it allows instant heating of water. This way you do not have to wait for your water to heat when you need it.

Our planet is the only one we have so we must take the extra effort in preserving it not only for our own generation but for the generation to come. Make a stand and go for the green house the next time you purchase a home. For more amazing property deals and options on real estate, visit Payson, Arizona Homes for Sale [] and Payson, AZ Real Estate Properties.

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