Bathroom Renovation in a Condo: Look before you Leap


Bathroom renovation in a condo is no DIY task. Hire an expert bathroom renovation contractor and chalk out the renovation plan before taking the leap.

Condominiums are notorious for providing limited space to its residents. If you have a single-family home,Bathroom Renovation in a Condo: Look before you Leap Articles you can increase bathroom space with a home addition project easily. But, living in a condo makes it impossible to add space. You cannot convert a closet into a bathroom without obtaining approval from the Condo Board. Whenever you think of making changes in your condo apartment, you must make a well-thought decision because getting approval from the Board can become tricky. The “look before you leap” approach is ideal for every home renovation project.

Renovating a Bathroom in your Condo – Map out the Plan

Renovating a bathroom is not a DIY job. You need professionals to take care of the bathroom flooring, fixtures and plumbing. And, if it is a bathroom renovation in a condominium, you need someone who can start and finish the work according to the time restrictions of the Condo Board. Learn what things you should consider before beginning the bathroom renovation process.

  • Make it Modern

Old condominium bathrooms can be made to look modern. You can change the fixtures around the bathroom and give it a young trendy look. Consider the theme of the bathroom and replace the faucets and racks that look dated. Add fixtures with sleek designs and minimalist features to give it a sophisticated feel. Choose a silver finish for the fixtures to create an even look. You can add accessories such as a wooden stool or a few plants to break the monotony.

  • Light changes the Mood like no other

If the bathroom in the condominium is small, you cannot do much to change it. But, with the right lighting, you can make the bathing area appear lighter and brighter. Choose lights that create a soft white glow and provide you with a spa-like ambience. It is a non-intrusive way to change the look of any space. Consider different lighting fixtures and think about the dimmer option in the bathroom to set a relaxing mood at the end of the day. Also, do not forget about illuminating the mirror.

  • The Bathtub Conundrum

Be it a high-rise condominium or a single-family home, the bathtub conundrum exists in every household. If you are renovating the bathroom, you have to think about the bathtub. Do you want to replace it? Or combine the shower and bathtub? Are you interested in replacing the bathtub with a shower? There are multiple options that you can think of. Remember that if you are replacing the bathtub, choose one of the trendy free-standing tubs. But, select a light weight tub in order to avoid any trouble with your downstairs neighbor.

  • Solve Storage Issues

Bathrooms are no longer a simple place to clean. It is a place where you armor yourself for the day ahead. In today’s bathrooms, you will find several different things. And, the old bathroom spaces are not enough for your things. Build larger and smarter storage options to hide the bathroom essentials. With the installation of proper bath vanity cabinets, you will be able to protect your cosmetics, medicines and clothes from steam and water. If there are major space issues in the bathroom, you can custom-built a tall cabinet with multiple shelves for storage.

Bathroom Renovations mean much More

There are many other aspects of renovating a bathroom in your condo. You can paint it to give it a new look. Bathroom painting is a common way of adding freshness to a bathing space. Alternatively, you can replace the old flooring with a new one. Installing new bathroom countertops can improve the look. You can even consider adding a washer and dryer to add to the amenities in the condo.

Remember that when it comes to bathroom renovation, sky is the limit. But, look before you leap. It is essential to hire an experienced bathroom renovation contractor with adequate experience of handling condominiums. Choose one after thorough research because only an expert can deliver beautiful renovation results.

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