So as to reduce costs as much as possible, but also to survive the difficulties associated with this process. The following practical tips will help you improve your bathroom renovation.

We start with a plan

As in the case of renovation,BATHROOM RENOVATION - HOW TO CARRY OUT IT WELL? Articles basically in every room in our apartment. In the bathroom, however, this entire process may take a bit more planning. Because the renovation itself often does not end with painting the walls or replacing tiles. Perhaps our intervention in the water system will be needed. A properly thought-out plan will allow you to improve the renovation of the bathroom. And one more very important thing. When planning this process, let’s keep our financial capabilities in mind.

Bathroom renovation – cost estimate

Unfortunately, it will often cost us a lot. This is due to the fact that – as mentioned – we usually do not limit ourselves to hammering old tiles and laying new ones. We can also plan to replace the bathtub with a shower (or the other way round) or renovate the pipes. All of this will increase costs.

 At the stage of budgeting, it is worth considering a very important aspect. Do we feel able to renovate the bathroom ourselves? Do we have the skills to do it efficiently? And above all, so that there is no need for amendments that will “overturn” the planned budget. And it’s worth being very critical of your skills in this matter. It is better to choose professionals and pay them more than to do something yourself, and then hire a company that will improve after us. The cost estimate will include the prices of materials necessary for the renovation of this room and the “labour” itself. Check -> bathroom renovation cost <- for more details.

How to renovate a bathroom?

We do it in several stages. First, let’s “look” at the wall and floor. You will have to start by removing the old tiles. It will take time, but most of all it is “very physical”. Especially if we have several dozen-year-old apartments in which no changes have been carried out so far. In bathrooms in such houses, tiles are not infrequently fixed with cement. Chaffing them will require a lot of physical effort.

 After we get rid of them and clean them (it is worth considering ordering a car to remove the resulting debris), we start the next stage of bathroom refurbishment. It may be the mentioned replacement of the plumbing system. At this point, we should also start assembling the shower, if we chose it. At this stage – if necessary – we also replace the bathtub.

 Another very important thing is wall renovation. We are behind us forging, and now they have to be prepared for new tiles (if we decide on such a solution). Before placing them, the walls should be levelled. This is done by applying an undercoat or laying dry plaster.

 The bathroom renovation process will probably not take place without the “help” of waterproof plasterboards, which we will use to cover the pipes with.

 The latter may also require replacement. Especially if the bathroom has not been renovated so far, and they are cast iron. There is a risk that such pipes have rusted. We should also replace them with a little more attention. Especially on the choice of pipes.

 When making changes to the bathroom, the first consideration is often the tile decision. Their choice is not easy and it will be good to arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge beforehand. About what they can be made of and what parameters they are described with. Which of the tiles will work well in the bathroom.

 When choosing them, we must also take into account the size of the room. For example, in a small bathroom, large tiles in rather subdued colours will work well. We can also choose ones that will reflect light. This to some extent (mainly optically of course) will make this room bigger.

 When renovating the bathroom, it is also worth considering replacing the lighting. What to look for? Several light sources will come in handy in this room. So that each of its zones could fulfil its function. So we have the main source of lighting, but we should also install side lamps in the mirror. It’s not everything. Lighting the shower cubicle or bathtub will be a good solution. We have a lot of possibilities in this matter.

Bathtub or shower cubicle?

This question has appeared before, but it is worth devoting a separate paragraph to it. Contrary to appearances, it is not an obvious choice, although some factors may make it easier for us. The mentioned small bathroom will serve as an example here. The small space somehow forces us to choose a shower cabin. We can choose a bathtub in a larger bathroom.

 Both of these solutions have their pros and cons. Usually, in the context of the advantages of a shower enclosure, lower water bills and the fact that it “does not need” a large area are mentioned. This solution will work, for example, in the apartment of a young single, but also seniors will appreciate the shower cabin. You can read more about the choice between these solutions in this text.

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