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Bangkok is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is the capital of Thailand and is a modern yet old city. It is the very heart of Thailand. It is most significant city commercially, politically, education wise, and also tourism wise.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand,Guest Posting and is just like the country it hasn’t been that long since the city has become one of the most known cities in the World. Today, the city is one major city in the country which is by all means the beating heart of the nation. It is the main entrance in order to reach/go anywhere in Thailand. Besides, the city is also the main powerhouse of commerce in the country. It is rightly the capital of the country, as it prevails every major and less-significant city in the country.

It is a confusing jigsaw puzzle of sky-reaching buildings and towers, colorful taxis particularly the interesting three wheel ones, busy pedestrians. It is dirty, over populated and polluted, and if one is not careful then there are lots of probability that a mishap may occur to him/her. However, at the meantime, the city is interesting; it has a rich mixture of culture and religion; every dawn the streets get filled with Buddhist monks in yellow and maroon; the city hosts some of the most interesting street markets that are lined with colorful and unique shops, and finally, it is here where one can satisfy his appetite and soul with a great variety of cuisines from all over the world. To simply put, Bangkok is an interesting city, and one way or another, the city is going to stay in your memories for a long time.

Historically, compared to other cities across Europe and rest of the world, it hasn’t been long that Bangkok has been declared as the capital of Thailand. It was established in year 1782 by King Rama I. He was the first king of the Chakri dynasty, which still is in continuation. Before the city was declared the capital, the former capital of Thailand was Ayutthaya, which was sacked by the Burmese.

Initially, the site of Bangkok used to house the palace of the king that was provided protection by two large canals. In addition to the place, the dry land of the kingdom’s territory were home to only the temples and other royal palaces and buildings. Whereas, the citizens were allowed to use only the rivers and canals. They built homes, shops, and warehouses on the bamboo rafts. It was in the later part of 19th century that citizens were moved to the dry lands and first road lines were built.

It was after the Second World War that the city was in particular exposed to modernization. All the progress that the country made reflected through Bangkok’s improved infrastructure. Today, the city is replete of every comforts-pleasures of modernization. For a tourist the major points of attraction include: Wat Suthat, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun, Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, Lumphini Park, MBK Center, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Victory Monument, Jim Thompson House, Dusit Palace Park, Sanam Luang, National Museum, China Town, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Bangkok Doll & Museum, National Gallery Museum, and King Prajadhipok Museum etc. Besides, there are a couple of lavish 5 Star hotels in Bangkok that are a treat to the eyes.

The good thing is being one of the most celebrated cities in the world the city shares excellent connectivity to rest of the world. In the vicinity lies a state-of-art airport that remains busy of international and national flights. In a nutshell, Bangkok is an interesting city. Head to the city to explore it for real. Also, try using the Bangkok Tour Packages to best enjoy the tour. The good thing is that they are available in plenty.

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