Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket: Three Shining Star of Thai Kingdom


Visit to Thailand offers an exquisite holiday experience, as the country offers a handsome of tourism delights to explore. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are three major tourist centers in Thailand, thronged by thousands of backpackers annually.

The land of gorgeous Islands,Guest Posting deep colorful history, inspiring Buddhism and smiling faces of girls, Thailand enjoys a long standing reputation of being the tourism center of Southeast Asia.  Beautiful Islands here are perfect to enjoy fruitful time in the lap of nature; while the lively metropolises and bustling beaches let you lose in a heart-throbbing festivity. There are lush tropical jungles and rugged mountainous terrains offering a range of adventures. They entice avid explorers from far and wide. In fact, Thailand is one such where something exotic is for everyone.

When you’re in Thailand, you have a handful of options in term of tourist destinations. But some places in the country are too lucrative to miss-out. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket top in the list, which have been pouring in by thousands of travelers year-round. Scroll down the page and read about these wonderful tourist destinations.

Bangkok: The city of angels, Bangkok thrives on contrasts. Gleaming shopping malls juxtaposing the slum hovels, big branded cars jostling with small tuk-tuks and inspiring Buddhist temples just a stone’s throw away from sinful nightlife options – the capital city has a unique allure unlike nowhere else. The main gateway through which tourists enter in Thailand, Bangkok witnesses a huge influx of travelers year-round. The magnificent palaces and beautiful temples several museums constitute the city’s major historical and cultural attractions. Bangkok’s thriving nightlife is far-famed, with a wide range of options in the city offering unending funs in night. The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun are some must-visit attractions of a Bangkok tour.

Phuket: If you have been yearning for a taste of coral beaches, amazing surf or the sea-side retreats, Phuket is the right choice to you. The resplendent natural beauty and heart-touching greenery of this lovely Island make it an ideal setting for relax and rejuvenation. But if the very thought of exploring throbbing water sports and other adventures seems like a must inclusion on your Thailand Holiday, Phuket doesn’t disappoint you in this quarter as well. From wind surfing to scuba diving and snorkeling to wild safaris, a variety of adventures can be enjoyed at the Island. Dining, shopping and mediations here are like a reward for travelers to experience.

Pattaya: Enjoy speed boat ride, parasailing or swimming in crystal clear blue waters. Discover unending greenery and fascinating cultures visiting tropical gardens, dense green forests and tribe villages nearby. Unleash pulsating nightlife visiting one of city’s amazing clubs or go-go bars. This list tourist delights doesn’t seem to be end when you’re in Pattaya – the most popular beach town in Thailand. Everything an active tourist may wish for is offered at a Pattaya tour. Don’t miss to take a river cruise to enjoy dinner and live music, if you come here with your sweetheart.

In a bid to ensure hassle-free and pleasurable travel experience, many tour companies offer customized Thailand packages and Bangkok packages. Booking your travel services in advance is recommended for Thailand travelers.

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