Bangkok Packages: Top 5 Reasons to Visit the City of Angles


Visiting Bangkok is a unique travel experience, offering a dizzy mix of natural sites, cultural heritages and cosmopolitan ambiences to explore. This article tells you top 5 reasons why you should take a Bangkok tour package.

The city is far-famed for its exoticness and unsurpassable religious fervor. Designated as a ‘land of Angels’,Guest Posting it is counted amongst the friendliest and most happening cities around the globe. The cultural potpourri that it has to offer always leaves an indelible mark on culture-enthusiasts. Amusement parks, shopping malls and superb dining spots in the city give an experience you will never ever forget about. Truly, Bangkok is a land of delights where everyone finds his soul seeking for refuge.

A much talked about holiday destination in Asia is Bangkok, packed of an array of tourism attractions to enjoy with. Grand historical temples, shinning shopping malls, neon-lit streets dominated by gargantuan skyscrapers and turquoise skyline, heart-rending scenery of amusements parks and soul-stirring ambiences – a Bangkok tour makes you carry back those memories which not just evokes nostalgia within you but also delight your senses for long. Though each corner of the city is compelling enough to keep visitors hooked and becharmed, here are some solid reasons why you should opt for a Bangkok tour.

Bangkok Temples: They are peerless and incomparable in term of both architectural beauty and spiritual fervor. Some of them including the Wat Phao, Wat Arun and Wat Mahathat are so fascinating that your heart will wish to stay in the city forever. The best time to visit these temples is the early morning. The environment is pure and pristine with monks attending prayers and committing random acts of Buddhist traditions.

Museums and Art Galleries: The Bangkok’s soul lives in its temples, while the history rests in its museums. There are plenty of museums, showcasing the most sublime collections of artifacts, relics and historical remnants. Visit to these museum make you peep into the rich cultural heritage of Thailand. The National Museum in the city is a great place to comprehend country’s art and architecture. Apart from that, a visit to the Bangkok Folk Museum and Jim Thompson’s House always remains worthy for history-lovers.

Zoo and Animal Parks: You can’t take wildlife in the city’s zoo and animal parks away from a Bangkok package. They are great place to learn about wild animals and see them behaving naturally. Even you can get closer to them, feed them and play with them visiting these animal parks. Most of them are located on the outskirt of the city and serve as a remarkable fun excursion for family vacationers. Among the noted names in this category are Dusit Zoo, Bangkok Snake Farm and Bangkok Butterfly Park.

Nightlife: The city offers a throbbing experience after the day turns dark. Everything, from jazz clubs to sophisticated bars and live music shows to exotic go-go bars, that you can imagine of is available in the city to give you night pleasures of a lifetime. Really, you night birdies would have a great time here!

Shopping: Irresistible, rewarding and thrilling, this is how Bangkok shopping is described about. The city is an ultimate paradise for shopaholics, dotted with a number of shining malls, local street-side shops and flea markets offering an eclectic range of goodies and dishes.

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