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The wonderful destination of Thailand, which is one of the most visited places, is Bangkok, tending thousands of travelers to book Bangkok flights every year.

Being one of the most attractive and colorful tourists’ spots,Guest Posting Bangkok is earning a lot of revenue from tourism. It has a lot to do for every age and for every type of people. The famous biggest shopping malls, breathtaking beaches, excellent lodging facilities, best food options, gorgeous parks, zoo and museums, wonderful temples are the biggest source of attractions for visitors to take a chance to book their flights to Bangkok and have fun there.

Bangkok is served by two airports which are monitoring domestic and international flights on daily basis. One is Suvarnabhumi Airport which is also known as Bangkok international airport and handling many international flights to Bangkok every day. And the other one is Don Mueang International Airport which was old Bangkok international airport. Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) is beautifully made second largest terminal building in the world. It serves both tourists who want to enjoy the attractions of this place and who want to come here for business purposes. It encompasses one local airport and two international airports in its single huge building with two runways which are analogous to each other. This airport serves many airlines having flights to Bangkok including jet airways, Lufthansa airways, Etihad airlines, Oman air, and KLM airlines.

With its single terminal, it has seven levels, ten entrances, two service roads, and all levels are offering different services. Many food shops, duty free shops and bars are also situated at the airport which is providing a variety of goods which you can take as gift for your loved one. Shuttle bus and express buses are operating from the terminal for passengers’ convenience. Moreover it has pharmacy, ATM, toilets, internet, telephone, escalators, and lodging options. Many luxurious hotels are available in the vicinity of airport. This airport is controlling Bangkok flights with 45 million passengers every year.

Don Mueang International Airport is now serving only domestic flights as till 2006, it had been the only airport of Bangkok which was handling both international and local flights and the passenger volume had been increased to 35 million making it 22nd biggest airport of the world, due to which it was over crowded so to share the burden Suvarnabhumi International Airport was built. Now Don Mueang International Airport only caters domestic flights with its currently active single terminal. will help you in finding the best flight to Bangkok from UK according to your taste and budget with the highest level of quality.

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