Bangkok – Chaotic Traffic, Beautiful Temples and Friendly People


If you are planning to fly to Thailand, visit in Bangkok. You will have an astonishing holiday in this city where you can eat tasty Thai food, meet friendly inhabitants of Bangkok, understand about Thai traditions and enjoy the ambience.

The city of Bangkok has a feeling of energy that is astonishing. In the capital of Thailand,Guest Posting it appears that there is always music in the streets. Alright there is also dirtiness and blare of traffic in the air 😉 There is not just singing and music, but a lot of old structures, buildings and monuments, and of course interesting exhibitions and museums.

Bangkok city is the number one of places to visit in Thailand. Not just is this Thailand’s capital, it’s also the place that a large amount of vacationers will fly into. The city of Bangkok is famous every corner in the world as being fast-paced and wild city that never sleeps. Certainly some of that’s valid, but there’s something more that can be hard to see in your mind’s eye.

The city of Bangkok is home to several of the Eastern world’s most attractive temples. Wat Phra Kaew (the temple of the Emerald Buddha) is the most wonderful temple building I have ever seen. This “Venice of the East” has some of the most excellent shopping malls in Asia. These shopping places are where you find accessories stands, global brands, speciality stores, book shops, finest fashion stores and various of luxury designer daily life goods.

Bangkok city is located on the enormous Chao Praya River, where boats travel up and down catching visitors where they want to go. These river crafts carry also people and goods to as far as China, so Chao Praya River has been during the centuries very important to this metropolis. You can discover almost anything you desire in Bangkok. There are the biggest open-air market in the Eastern world, international food places and Thai food places, shopping centers, tuk-tuk taxis, elephants and many of unusual animals, elegant temple buildings and the Grand Palace (the broad area which includes a large number of royal residences, temples etc),  modern Western and traditional Thai architecture and way of life – it’s all in Bangkok. In this big city is not difficult to get where you want to go by normal taxi car and by tuk-tuk, and it’s not expensive.

Bangkok has low-cost and costly hotels from basic to the most luxurious in the world, and its days offers the sun, shopping and sightseeing and its nightlife is vivacious with karaoke music, dance, clubs, restaurants and bars. Bangkok is never boring and it offers something for every visitors. A lot of visitors who come to Bangkok initially expect not to like much the city, but soon become fascinated with it.

If you are planning to travel to Thailand, don’t overlook the city of Bangkok. You will have an amazing vacation in this place where you can eat delicious food, meet affable people, learn about Thai lifestyle and enjoy the ambience which is impossible to discover in European countries, USA and Canada or other places outside of Asia. Guaranteed.

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Welcome to Thailand, the land of smiles, beautiful sights, delicious foods and the friendliest people in the world.

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