Bangkok boutique hotel – What are they?


What exactly is a boutique hotel?  What exactly classes a boutique?   The use of the word boutique to describe something upper class has become more and more prominent.  An example of this is a Thai airway who describes itself as ‘Bangkok’s boutique airline’ and now the same is being applied to hotels so what exactly can we expect to see from a boutique hotel and one situation in Bangkok no less?

The terms ‘boutique hotel’ originated from the US and the UK to describe hotels which contain luxury facilities in unique or intimate settings (so I guess a plane is not that intimate?) with full service accommodations.  These terms first started out in the 1980s in cities like London,Guest Posting New York and San Francisco and hotels of this nature are typically stylishly furnished in a themed or aspirational manner.  The hotels also focus on offering their services within a comfortable, intimate and welcome setting which may be lost in huge, faceless and corporate styling of other hotel developers.Guest rooms are usually fitted with telephone and Wi-Fi internet as well as air conditioning and pay to view cable TV.  But, sometimes, boutique hotels offer no such amenities and they feel it detracts from what a boutique hotel is and instead focus on just offering a room in a setting that is quiet and comfortable instead of filling the room with technology and gadgetry which goes against what boutique hotels actually are.
Guests are often attended to by 24 hour staff and many hotels of this nature offer onsite dining facilities as well as bars and lounges.  But I still have yet seen the difference between a boutique hotel in Bangkok compared to all the other hotels that are currently available in the city also.  Maybe the idea of ‘less is more’ is to make up for low quality or other shortcomings?  Either way it seems that boutique hotels in Bangkok are currently flourishing in its own little niche marketplace.

There are many that argue that boutique hotels do not suit Bangkok because the climate and pace of life is too much whereas others champion the idea that boutique hotels in Bangkok are ideal and are the next big thing.  After all, with the hectic pace of Bangkok the hotel will then be the place of tranquility for its guests and that is what the whole boutique idea is all about and it is clear to see in the design and location of many boutique hotels situated in Bangkok.  But many boutique hotels are not just in Bangkok as they are ideally suited also to the resort and beach areas that Thailand offers also because it goes well with the pace of life in those areas.

Either way, boutique hotels in Bangkok and here and here they will stay as they definitely offer a break and respite from the hot, humid and hectic holiday that can be your trip to Bangkok and whilst you may have to pay more for one of these hotels the differences and benefits will become immediately obvious.

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