An Overview of Acrylic Bathtub Install


There are many reasons why you would want acrylic bathtub install in your home. Maybe your current tub is getting old and worn, or maybe you just want something new.

Acrylic bathtub install is not as difficult as you might think. All you need is the right tools and a little know how and you will be well on your way. This article will provide you with a brief run through of the process to help provide you with a good background on what the project entails. We will also spend a little time looking at acrylic bathtub refinishing as well. The first step of acrylic bathtub install is to measure the area of your bathroom where you will be installing your new tub. When you are replacing an old tub,An Overview of Acrylic Bathtub Install Articles you can use the same footprint in order to save yourself some work. If not, then measure the footprint that the previous one left so you know how much space you will need for the new one. It is important that you make sure you are following your building codes when you are not using the original footprint.
Something else you should keep in mind is how strong your bathroom floor is. You don’t want to choose a tub that is too heavy.When you are ready to begin acrylic bathtub install, you will have to take out the old tub first. The tools you need to accomplish this include a sharp knife, putty knife, hammer and chisel, and a vacuum cleaner. Eye and hand protection are also necessary to keep yourself safe. Before you begin, make sure to turn the water off at the source. In order to help loosen the old bathtub you may need to use a pry bar. Now remove the old caulk with your putty knife, and if it gives you any trouble take out the hammer and chisel. Now that the old tub is out, you can now finish the acrylic bathtub install process by putting the new tub into place. You should have someone to help you lift it as they can be quite heavy. Make sure that the tub is perfectly level when you rock it slowly into place.
You can now add a layer of mortar at the bottom of your new tub to help keep it level. After it has dried you can cover it with a sheet of polyethylene. You can finish up by drilling holes for the plumbing and installing the faucet. In order to save yourself some time and money, you may choose acrylic bathtub refinishing instead. You simply have to clean and sand your old tub and then apply 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of top coating. Give each coat at least half an hour to dry in between. This will go easiest with a spray gun if you have one. To make it as even as possible, use a gentle back and forth motion while spraying.

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