Adding That Special Touch When Selling Your Own House


When selling a property on your own, you have an inherent advantage over everyone including real estate agents. You know what is special about it.

Adding That Special Touch When Selling Your Own House

The key to getting your property sold is to make it stand out from the comparable houses around you. This process is best done by creating an emotional hook with plenty of bait. That bait comes in the form of special qualities of livability. Use enough bait, and the buyers will swarm to your hook and take it.

Shopping for property is a time intensive, frustrating process. You probably remember this from when you were last shopping for a property. The listings and properties start to just be a blur. Each has good points, but there are almost always bad ones as well. Ultimately, the decision on which property to buy comes down to emotions. You, as a seller, must focus on this.

What are the unique, special qualities associated with your property? In this case, I am not talking about big rooms, a hot tub or any such thing. I am talking about life experiences. If the seller buys your property, what are they going to get that is special? Are the going to be able to watch the sun set over the hills in the afternoon? Is it incredibly quiet? Is their a big park nearby? Is the neighborhood really friendly with parties all the time? Are there lots of kids in the neighborhood, a fact families will be looking for?

The questions can go on and on. The point is to look beyond the square footage of the property. What quality of life aspects is a buyer going to get if the purchase the property? If you can identify those items, you should be mentioning them in your marketing material and during showings. These little tidbits help the potential buyer visualize themselves living in the property. If they like what they visualize, you are going to get an offer.

It is easy to focus on the boring facts of a property when trying to sell. A better approach is to consider what makes it a great place to live and then promote that information.

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