A Simple Guide to Creating the Perfect Bathroom – Part 2


No matter the size and shape of your bathroom, you can easily create an ideal space in which to pamper yourself and luxuriate in your bath or enjoy a refreshing, exhilarating shower. A well designed bathroom should be comfortable enough to spend quality time in as well as nip in and out of when you’re in a hurry. Either way it should be an enjoyable experience. A fresh new bathroom should accommodate all the family’s needs so think and plan ahead.

Bathroom Suites – Style and Comfort

Choosing a matching toilet unit and basin is a good start to creating any new bathroom. You’ll want continuity in your bathroom so matching lines and curves are important. Size and design of the toilet matters more than you might think. Bowl sizes and heights vary. If space is an issue a smaller radius bowl may be the answer,A Simple Guide to Creating the Perfect Bathroom – Part 2 Articles although many people find more comfort in an elongated bowl. For some, toilet bowls that sit higher than average might be more comfortable. Also look out for toilets that have soft close seats. These ensure the lid doesn’t slam down and damage the bowl. Your basin or sink unit should complement your new toilet. Choose from sleek, chic contemporary models to traditional Victorian styling. Modern basins come in space-saving mini versions, ideal for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms. You will however, be limited to what kind of basin you can buy by the plumbing. If you like the design of a particular basin but it has only one tap hole for a mono basin mixer and you already have plumbing for two taps you will need to bring in a plumber to carry out alterations.

Taps – Refining Detail

Taps can be a fantastic way of adding some flair to your bathroom. The range is huge: minimalist, modern, classical, traditional, contemporary, luxury, economy. They really are the finishing touch to any bathroom and, whether brushed steel or sparkling chrome, carefully chosen taps will add distinctiveness and individuality. Remember to match your basin’s taps with those on your bath, and for a more uniform look and feel co-ordinate your bathroom with taps to match your shower. Something to consider when choosing taps is water pressure as it directly affects the amount of water the can pass through the tap. Check with your local water provider to determine your water pressure and choose your type of tap accordingly as some taps can only cope with low or high water pressures.

Bathroom Furniture – Built in Class

What is bathroom furniture? Well, imagine walking into a quality hotel en-suite bathroom to find a basin and toilet built into a stylish wall unit. “Vanity units” comprise a bathroom basin and cupboard space directly beneath. In other words, instead of a pedestal you can have a handy storage unit beneath your bathroom basin in which to store towels, shampoo or cosmetics. Ideally suited to the larger bathroom although not exclusively, some larger combination units encompass not only a basin but a toilet too, so because it is part of an enclosure the cistern is hidden. As well as being affordable, vanity units are an ideal space saving idea.

Bathroom Accessories – Define your Style

To complete your new bathroom there are some accessories that will add those finishing touches and finer details. How about a splash proof stainless steel mirror? No bathroom is complete without one and can be used for shaving or applying make-up. Be sure to buy a mirror that features concealed fixings. Better still, invest in a backlit mirror. Many bathrooms are poorly lit so a backlit mirror is the perfect friend when either shaving those finer areas or making up before a night out. Or you may choose a mirrored bathroom cabinet. Most bathroom cabinets can be fitted with minimal fuss, are slimline, and take up little space whilst affording room for those essential items.

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