A Change of Direction in Feng Shui


Much of Feng Shui is based on the Yin/Yang Theory.  This reminds us to keep a balance on all things in life.  Often times we are not mindful of that and then we stop to wonder why just when things were going SO well, everything fell apart.  Sometimes it’s US that fall apart.  What is behind this and what can we do to prevent it?

I know when I am running on full speed, trying to cram too many things into a day, a week or a month without taking any time off for myself.  I am working too many hours, sometimes neglecting much needed sleep and need to keep an ever present list to remind myself of all the things I have to take care of.  It can be and often is, exhausting.

Feng Shui Lifestyles tell us we NEED this time to ourselves; a Chinese principle of Energy is in fact that we are BORN with a certain amount of Energy.  When that energy is used is the time we die.  They claim the only thing we can do to restore that precious energy is the practice of Tai Chi.  They may well have a point.  The balance, thought and timing of Tai Chi is quite possibly recreating the energy we lose so thoughtlessly as we go through our daily lives.

In this modern world, we are taught to succeed—at all costs.  To keep going, pushing, promoting.  We are not taught to take a day or a few of them to take care of ourselves and our own needs.  We neglect our own appointments, correct eating habits and good sleep patterns so we can “get it all done.”  Sometimes we need to Slow Down.

Take a break, get away from work and nourish ourselves.  I have seen and had it happen that when we neglect to take the time WE need to restore, something will come along to “knock us off our feet.”  It could be one of those never ending colds, or flu or even an accident but it will surely be something that will force us to stop.  There is a school of thought that these illnesses or accidents are actually our OWN bodies protecting us from even further damage. 

When you do take the time to do things for yourself, remember the words Nature and Nurture.  Reconnect with nature in some way whether it’s a walk through a park or your own lovely backyard with birds and other wild life.  Some people are water lovers and head straight to the beach where the sounds and sights of the ocean calm and restore them.  Do something special as well to Nurture yourself which could be buying yourself that special item you have been wanting for years, getting a haircut or changing your appearance, anything that makes you feel better and is done only for yourself.  We are often so busy taking care of other people’s needs and wants that we neglect our own; that is the very time we lose our balance. 

Recreating a balance is different for everyone depending on their own personal energy and how long it has been since they’ve last followed the principles of “slowing down.”  Think about the last time you took a day (or a week) off, where you went and what you did and how it made you feel.  Choose the best of that and you’ll recreate and restore your own balance.  Then remember to keep it with regularly scheduled activities that have just YOU in mind.

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