7 Bathroom Renovation Hacks!


In need of a renovation of your house? You need to focus on your bathroom as well. You may not spend more of your time there, but it should be neat and hygenic to maintain a healthy life and also impress your guests. 

All of us start our day by brushing our teeth in the bathroom and went to work. Irrespective of any age,7 Bathroom Renovation Hacks! Articles we usually don’t start our work before taking a shower. So if you are planning about renovating your bathroom; here are 7 bathroom renovation hacks:

1. Mirror on the wall – We all have a mirror in our bathroom, not just to see our sleepy faces but to fill up with positivity. But don’t forget to add a mirror to the décor. You can add a classy frame to your mirror to give it a more attractive look during a bathroom renovation. Use some molding to craft the frame, and then you can paint it in whatever colors you want. Another easy tip is to prevent your mirror from clouding up; you can wipe it with some shaving cream instead of normal tissues. This removes all the stains from the mirror’s surface.

2. Broken Tile – Did you broke your tile? Broken tile does not only looks bad, but it is also a sharp exposed edge or an entry point for water leakage. You can fix this by cutting around the cracked tile using a tile saw. If the tile is not loose, you can break the tile using a hammer or a cold chisel. Make sure the surrounding good tile did not get damaged. Carefully clean the area to see if there is any void that may have to cause the tile to crack. If so, then apply a leveler compound, and allow it to set.

3. Preventing Mold – During a bathroom renovation, keep one thing in mind, the bathroom is the wettest place in the house, so molds can develop their easily, as mold needs moisture to get developed. To prevent the accumulation of mold, allow proper air circulation. An exhaust fan will keep your bathroom dry and draw out moisture. Moreover, you can regularly clean to prevent the build-up of mold.

4. The order of towels in your bathroom – How you organize your towels and bath sheets are important because it is a matter of health and hygiene. If you are sharing the bathroom with someone, you should use separate hooks to hang your towels instead of sharing a common towel hanger. You can keep them from interfering with the general décor of the bathroom space in this way. Moreover, it is also useful for tiny bathroom spaces, as it serves as an effective way to maximize space with minimal efforts.

5. Use stick-on flooring – Use the stick-on vinyl wood flooring that is thin enough to easily cut through with a razor knife. Using this will make cutting those weird curves easier than cutting thicker floors like floating vinyl wood floors. Moreover, vinyl wood flooring is cheaper, and it can fit easily in your bathroom without much effort. This bathroom renovation hack could save a lot of time.

6. Use stick-on tile for accents – The secret of renovating your bathroom is to simply cover up the old with something new that fits your budget. You can Stick-on mosaic tiles, or even stone looks great on a mirror, as a backsplash, or as certain wall accents. It is anti-fungal, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it.

7. Use good Refinishing Kits for Tile – Easily mask older or discolored sinks, toilets, and tubs with the refinishing kit. These refinishing kits are very easy to use and can help you to restore any cracked stone or marble. Moreover, it saves your time. There are different types of refinishing kits for different tile; choose yours’. Bathroom renovation can be a lot easier with refining kits for tile.

To make your bathroom look even more appealing, you can even replace hardware and light covers.

If your hardware on the cabinets is rusty and out of date, then it is the best option to renovate them. These small items in the bathroom affect the overall appearance and make it look more appealing. They are also cheap to switch out. You can fix your mismatched outlets and covers with a decorator wall plate. The correct lighting in the bathroom looks very decent. Also, don’t forget to use the good fragrance of air fresheners and keep your bathroom as clean as possible.

After the bathroom renovation, Keep in mind, use these are DIY hacks means if all you are looking for is for a better-looking bathroom without spending thousands of rupees. According to a survey, an average person visits the toilet 2500 times per year, which we spent almost 3 years of our life in the bathroom, so make it worth it.

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