5 Feng Shui Wealth Talismans


The feng shui wealth talismans are widely used to enhance the material wellbeing of an individual or entire family.

All you need to do is learn about the wealth amulets and select those that touch your heart. These are the only two steps that need to be undertaken in order for your overall material wellbeing to start improving. In this article,5 Feng Shui Wealth Talismans Articles we enumerate some of the most popular feng shui wealth talismans and discuss their unique properties.

Three Legged Frog: This is an extremely popular wealth talisman. According to legend, the greedy frog was captured and conquered by Liu Hai (Tsai Shen Yeh – God of Wealth), and turned into a kind creature that helps people. This amulet comes in a gold color. The toad has three legs and holds 1 or 3 coins in its mouth. It can also have a slit for you to place coins into. The frog is often portrayed sitting on a hill of coins. The toad is best placed to the left of the entrance door, with its back to the wall. This essential and powerful symbol can start helping you the same day it arrives at your home.

Greedy Dragon of Ambition: This mystical power symbol was adorned by simple Chinese people and the mighty emperors alike for thousands of years. The Chinese revered these creatures as commanders of water, who could bring an abundant harvest, and thus bring prosperity and wealth. They can also protect from rivals and competitors. The creature is often portrayed playing with a celestial pearl (can be referred to as earth). It needs to be placed in the eastern section of your home, or facing east. This feng shui wealth symbol can be also placed to the left of the entrance door, similar to the money frog.

Tsai Shen Yeh: These are gods of wealth. They come in a number of characters: some of them are dressed like military people (e.g., Guan Yu), others like civilians (e.g., Liu Hai). However, the most popular character is the barely dressed cheerful golden Hotei (Buddai) – the famous legendary monk. This monk traveled a lot in the countryside, and his mere presence brought wealth and prosperity to the villagers. This god has a large round belly, which you can rub asking to make your wishes come true. This amulet is typically placed in the southeast of your home – the Wealth and Prosperity zone.

Ru Yi: This magical scepter is a close equivalent to a magic wand. This talisman typically comes in gold, and needs to be placed in the Wealth and Prosperity sector. The scepter can come individually, or be held by the god of wealth, such as Hotei. 

Wealth Vase: A wealth vase can be purchased or made. It’s the most customizable feng shui wealth amulet, which makes it especially potent. The vase is usually made of ceramic (white with blue images). The vessel needs to be staffed with a number of specific ingredients, including semi-precious gems, a gold item, soil, money, and pictures that represent wealth for you (nice houses, vehicles, clothes, etc.). The vase is typically placed in the southeast of a bedroom.

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