10 Tips for Bangkok Apartment Hunting


One will come across many nice Bangkok apartments and rooms for rent. But looking for apartment can be a bit different in Bangkok as there are many places that are not even advertised. Therefore you will have to count on word of mouth news and do a lot of asking. 

Here are some useful pointers on how to go about looking for Bangkok apartments. 

  1. Be early Start hunting for the apartment at least 2 months before so as to get the best options and make best choices within your expectations.
  2. Spend some time Take out sometime during work hours as most of these properties are shown during business hours. Searching for these apartments after your work will limit your options.
  3. Keep your eyes on the future Don’t reject any neighborhood just because it is not too great today. It might be in a couple of years from now as development in Bangkok is very speedy in some areas.
  4. Ask at the information office You will find an information office at the bottom floor of most Bangkok apartments that remains open 9 to 5 during day. You can get some useful information about the area from these offices.
  5. Avoid looking for no-fee apartments  By searching for no-fee apartments,Guest Posting one is only limiting their options. It is essential to look at all kinds of apartments and expand your horizons.
  6. Prepare beforehand Get all your papers in order such as a verifiable annual income. Have a guarantor ready in case there is need of making additional security deposits in advance.
  7. Decide your location Be very sure as to whirr you had like your Bangkok apartment. Many prefer to be near the market while some other prefer begin close to their work place.
  8. The contract and the deposit. On the rental form, you will be asked to give your name and contact information and will have to sign a time contract for about 3 – 6 months. However, the terms may vary with different apartment owners.
  9. Get ready for the paperwork All your funds and papers should be in order even before you start hunting for a Bangkok apartment. The employment letters, tax returns as well as landlord references should be ready beforehand.
  10. Make visits Visit the neighborhood you have in mind several times and at different timings. The place may look different during day and very different in the evenings or night time.

Keep the above guidelines in mind when looking for a Bangkok apartment.

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