10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Have an Insurance on a Rented Apartment?


The best landlord insurance companies offer an additional term to the tenants. The term grants the tenants an access to their landlord’s insurance, mentioned as “additionally-insured” on their particular policy.

With the increasing trend of owning multiple properties in UK,10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Have an Insurance on a Rented Apartment? Articles it has become difficult for landlords to cover the damage caused by any unwanted event. The sad truth is, only a few landlords know about insurance and what benefits they are going to get.

The reason why only a few of people get insurance is, many of them underestimate the value of their belongings and the cost of any accident. Another reason that is not looked into is the liability factor. Even if anyone in your property gets injured, they have legal rights to sue you.

Once you begin to compare landlord insurance, you would be amazed about the coverage it offers to you and your property. There are different cheap landlord insurance companies and many of the landlords are deriving benefits from their policies.

This is just a smart expenditure for protecting the landlord and tenant’s peace of mind and enabling a better relation between them.

Why Should You Have Your Rented Apartment Insured?If you still haven’t thought of getting landlord insurance for your apartment, here are 10 reasons why you should think about it:

1. Protection of Property’s ContentsMost of the property insurance policies cover just the damage to the actual property, without covering any loss of your property’s contents. These contents can be anything such as furniture, appliances etc. Once your building’s contents are damaged, all you have to do is to replace everything yourself, if your pocket allows it.

Getting the landlord insurance done, you can enjoy peace of mind as the best landlord insurance provides full cover to your property’s contents as well.

2. Liability CoverWhat’s the guarantee of getting the things fixed when your property catches fire or encounters any damage? Don’t worry as the best landlord insurance gets you covered for liability in such situations. Any damage caused by unwanted incidence is not the fault of the tenant.

Perform proper landlord insurance comparison to check out the best landlord insurance quotes. This also lets you find out the policy that offers complete liability cover if the tenants decide to take a legal action against the owners, as a result of any unwanted event.

3. Covering All the Rental LossesThere are cases when your tenants cause loss to your neighbors or surroundings, through property damage or bodily injury. The best landlord insurance policy would provide compensation in that case too. This helps in preventing any arguments between the parties and handling all the strain of who is considered responsible for the unwanted event.

4. Covering All the Apartment LossesWhen you start to compare landlord insurance policies, you would see that the best ones offer cover for your property as well as the contents’ damage. This gives you peace of mind even in alarming situations as you have the idea of who is going to cover the loss.

Some of the common cases of property damage include:

  • Damage caused by vehicles
  • Explosion
  • Leaked Pipes
  • Falling objects
  • Fire or lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Malicious mischief
  • Windstorm or hail

5. Peace of MindOne of the main and most enjoyable reasons of getting a cheap landlord insurance is that you can enjoy peace of mind and remain calm in panic situations.

This is due to the reason that you don’t have to deal with any loss directly. You can easily concentrate on getting your property easily fixed even after the damage due to readily available funds.

6. Easy Procedure Unlike other insurance policies, landlord insurance is easy to obtain. You just have to apply and fill out the required details to get started with numerous benefits and enjoy a stress-free life.

Normally, you might have seen lengthy documents to be filled for a particular insurance type, and the heavy costs involved. Some of the insurance companies even keep you waiting once you have applied for landlord insurance.

Make sure you choose out the best landlord insurance that keeps you well-facilitated all the time, and is convenient to go!

7- No Legal IssuesIf you encounter any issue with your tenant that still remains unsolved and they decide to take any legal action against you for any kind of damage, don’t worry. Landlord insurance provides cover in such legal situations too and bears all the financial expenses for your legal proceedings.

8. Loss of UseIf your investment property is repaired, a good landlord insurance policy provides funds in such situation, for temporary housing. This keeps your tenants connected and thus you don’t end up losing them. Thus, you don’t have to worry much about loss of use in this case.

9. Cover for Malicious DamagesIf your apartment suffers any malicious damage that is done intentionally, consider the best landlord insurance that provides you cover for this. Such policies take care of all the repair costs, even including the stolen items to get your investment back to a proper state.

10. Time ProvisionThere are different landlord insurance policies permitting your owned property to be vacant for a larger span of time. This helps you find a new tenant without any hassle.

Which One is the Best and Cheap Landlord Insurance Company?Reading out the above-mentioned benefits and reasons of why you should get insurance for your rented apartment, you would have made up your mind for the best landlord insurance. Why wait?

Find out and compare landlord insurance to know more about the best companies in your reach.

Ensurance Compare offers you the best opportunity to enjoy all the perks of landlord insurance to let you enjoy a better quality and peaceful life. For any queries, drop us a message and our representatives would immediately get back to you.

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